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quickly and easily create your new profile using LinkedIn, Facebook and Google. you can even tell us which of the additional contractor services you'd like to know more about as part of the myn contractor community. once your registration is completed you'll receive a verification email, simply click on that and you're all set and ready to find that next contracting role.


Build your Profile

simply upload your existing CV and let our parsing technology take care of the hard work for you. within minutes you will have a rich and powerful profile that will allow you to apply for roles immediately and be visible. grant immediate access to any companies wishing to view your profile at the click of a button, giving you control over your on-line visibility.


Track and engage with your profile

with your personal dashboard interface, all activities can be conveniently monitored in one place. track the progress of applications, new job advertisements, views of employers and much more. you'll be able to view all your information in a clear and user friendly format making it easy to understand and interact with.

You want to apply for jobs and actively be found by companies?

Create your personal and free CV now!


Companies can see your CV and directly send you a job posting. Your personal data stays hidden until you accept the request.

You can instantly see which company has visited your CV.

Apply for a job using your CV and receive an overview of all your sent applications and their statuses.

Your CV is downloadable in an attractively styled PDF.